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Landscape Design Services in Redlands CA,  by Redlands Landscapers


Redlands Landscapers provides both, professional residential landscape design and commercial landscape design services in Redlands CA, and all surrounding communities.

Landscape Designers in Redlands CA - Redlands LandscapersAt Redlands Landscapers, our landscape designers will take your dreams, create a plan, and then turn it into reality!

As a full-service landscape design and installation company in Redlands CA, Redlands Landscapers has the first-class design expertise, extensive plant knowledge, quality workmanship, and dependability you are looking for in a landscape design company.

Hiring a professional landscape designer in Redlands, could be one of the smartest investment decisions you’ll ever make.  Our Redlands landscape designers are trained and qualified in the principles of garden design and horticulture so that we can help our clients avoid the costly mistakes that can turn the dream of an outdoor haven into a landscape nightmare.

Our professional landscape designers are skilled practitioners of fundamental design concepts – proportion, unity, balance, perspective, color, texture – that can bring about a fully integrated design.  They have a comprehensive knowledge of plants so that you get the right plant that grows to the right size for the right place in your garden.

They are also skilled communicators and planners which enables them to work with contractors, vendors, local governments and others to complete successful projects. Our landscape designers are also aware of our natural environment and promote sustainable practices whenever possible. They are inspired by the creative process, by great design, and most of all, by their clients’ needs, wants and dreams.

Residential Landscape Design Services in Redlands CA - Redlands LandscapersRedlands Landscapers offers a wide array of designs and garden styles and themes. We plan, design and install Formal and Perennial Gardens, Classic, Japanese Gardens, Mixed Border and Water Gardens, low maintenance Natural Gardens, and others. In addition, it is not uncommon for our clients to request a blend of two styles, such as combining the lines and evergreen “bones“ of a formal garden with the color and joy of perennials behind.

We always try and design low maintenance landscapes. We have never encountered yet a client who asks for a high maintenance garden!  Our careful attention to selecting plants that are the appropriate species and size for the specific location in which they are planted results in lower maintenance landscaping designs.

The plants and trees will grow together into a fully planted area without blank spaces in the garden, avoiding excessive upkeep.  We design gardens that are beautiful, interesting and as low maintenance as possible. For those clients seeking a very low maintenance backyard landscape design, we suggest a Natural Garden design.

If your front or backyard landscape design is a second or third generation garden that you inherited when you purchased your home,   we can create a landscaping design which selectively incorporates new trees, plants and shrubs into an existing garden to complement and beautify the home, and create new outdoor spaces to enhance the owner’s lifestyle.  We are completely at ease in integrating existing desirable materials with a new plan, or removing plants that cannot be used in the new context.

Commercial Landscape Design Companies in Redlands CA - Redlands LandscapersRedlands Landscapers offers affordable pricing and provides excellent landscaping designs and a reliable service at a reasonable price within your budget. If your budget does not permit immediate installation of the entire plan, we can accommodate our clients by allocating the available funds to do what makes sense now, and install the rest as funds permit.

We purchase only top quality materials, earning our clients’ trust as they see their gardens maintain a healthy and beautiful appearance through the years.

In case you are not aware of it, landscape lighting is one of the most cost-effective and dramatic ways of enhancing and landscape design.  Redlands Landscapers offers both landscape lighting design and landscape lighting installation. Here is a good resource for ideas to enhance your home with landscaping.  You can browse their inspiring pictures and videos to get started.  If you see something you like, let us know, and we can design it to fit right into your own landscape.

After you contact us, we will send one of our landscaping design professionals to your home or business for a free no obligation consultation to determine your needs and then customize a design to fit your desires and your budget.  Contact us today, you’ll be glad you did!